Boat Surveyors Annapolis – Be Careful When Buying a Used Boat

Boats are not cheap. That is why most first-time buyers and people on a tight budget turn to pre-owned boats. Used boats cost far less than brand new boats and they don’t experience as much depreciation as new boats. All the same, it is good to note that not every used boat out there is worth buying. Experienced boat surveyors Annapolis trusts will help you know if the boat you are targeting is worth investing in or not.

Being that this might be your first purchase, going for a used boat may make more sense both mentally and financially. This is because when you are new to boating, you are bound to make mistakes. The last thing you want is to scratch a brand new boat that you spend thousands of dollars on. Once you hone your boating skills, you can go ahead and upgrade to a better boat. All the same, let boat surveyors Annapolis trusts comb through your target used boat before paying for it. A boat surveyor will be able to identify the issues that your boat has as well as help you know if the boat is a good fit for your intended use. The surveyor will also help you know if the boat has been maintained and registered properly.

As you may already know, buying a used boat will save you several thousand dollars. The fact that modern boats are made of fiberglass and aluminum means they don’t rot as traditional wooden boats. This helps retain their value longer. When selling your used boat months or years later, you can expect to get an offer that is closer to what you bought the boat for.

However, it is good to dig deeper into the history of a boat so as to avoid making a bad investment. Here are some of the questions you should get answers to before purchasing a used boat.

  • How was the boat used? If it was a fishing boat, you should focus more on water damage.
  • How was the boat stored? Most boat owners don’t run their boats all year round. In the off-season, the boat is stored. Knowing how it was stored can give some insight into its condition and what to focus on during an inspection.
  • Has the boat ever had major repairs done? Most sellers will try to hide this information. An experienced boat surveyor will, however, be able to determine if any damage to the body f the boat was ever repaired.
  • What is the history of the boat? You need to know how the boat was used and make sure it is registered properly.

Before buying a used boat, it is always important to inspect it from top to bottom. Make sure that a sea trial is also done in order to get a better understanding of the boat’s condition.

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