Boat Surveyor Near Me – How Do You Test a Boat Engine?

Are you in the market for a used boat? If you are, one area you must pay attention to is the engine. This is what powers the boat. As a result, it is a very expensive part to replace or repair. The good news, however, is there are a couple of tests you can perform on your own to determine the condition of an engine. It is, however, important to call in a boat surveyor near me whenever you notice a problem you do not understand.

Do a cold start

When the engine is turned off for hours, the oil pressure between the surfaces bleeds off. This means when you start the engine, most of the parts will not be covered in oil and thus you will hear strange noises if the engine has issues. If you are buying the boat from a friend, ask them not to start it until you arrive. If you notice a strange noise during the cold start, call in a boat surveyor near me for a further examination. The marine surveyor will use specialized tools and techniques to get a better understanding of the engine’s condition.

Look at the engine hours

When buying a used vehicle, you want the one with the least mileage. This is because having low readings on the odometer means the vehicle is closer to being new. The case is the same for a boat. When buying a used boat, you want to focus more on the ones with lower hours. Having lower hours means that the motor has more life left.

On average, a boater uses about 50 hours a year. A boat that has 250 hours means it has been around for about 5 years. Such a boat will require a thorough engine inspection before you commit to buying it.

Check the condition of the engine oil

The engine oil will give you a lot of information on the condition of the engine. Use the dipstick to check the oil. If the oil has a milky color, chances are water is getting in the engine. Such an engine might be problematic so get it inspected further by a professional.

Traces of metal fillings in the oil are also a major red flag. Metal fillings indicate that there is wear in the engine. Consider avoiding a boat whose engine oil has metal fillings.

These tests will give you an overview of the condition of the boat. If you are still interested in buying a boat that has any of the aforementioned issues, you should first allow a marine surveyor near me to perform a professional inspection. A thorough inspection will help you know if you are investing in a good or doomed vessel.

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