How to Prepare for the SAMS Survey

Are you in need of a SAMS survey? If you are, the first thing you need to do is find a marine surveyor in Annapolis that is SAMS accredited or associated. As you may already know, SAMS has strict accreditation requirements which require at least five years of experience acquired over a period of 10 years and the completion of an admission exam. SAMS members are further required to adhere to strict codes of ethics and standards. Finding a verifiable SAMS surveyor is, therefore, the first thing you should do.

Once you find a surveyor that is accredited to offer a SAMS survey, the next step will be getting ready for the survey. It is obvious you need to find a boat you wish to buy first. The boat should then be clean and with all papers and gear. In most cases, before a boat surveyor in Annapolis arrives, you will need to make the necessary arrangements with the seller. This often involves paying an agreed down payment and arranging for hauling. You may also need to find a captain for a sea trial.

Keep in mind the work of the surveyor is to inspect the boat and compile a survey report. You should never ask them to prepare the boat. Keep in mind that you may be required to arrange for the minor dismantling of some components to facilitate the inspection. You may be asked to dismantle the ceilings, flooring, headliners, and other areas to allow access to the suspected problem areas. Any dismantling and reassembly of parts must be done by qualified personnel. Make sure you make arrangements for this before the marine surveyor arrives.

Another very important thing you will need is an authorization from the seller. The surveyor has no way of knowing if the boat being inspected belongs to you or is stolen. To avoid problems, you will need authorization from the boat’s owner. The authorization may have to be in writing. You will also need to provide ownership papers from the seller. The authorization should also allow the dismantling of components.

After retaining a boat surveyor in Annapolis, it is good to note that the surveyor only works for you. This means the surveyor will only report to you and not to the seller unless with your express permission. You will also be the person paying for the services and making arrangements that facilitate the inspection. With that being said, make sure you are on-site during the inspection and ask all the questions you may have.

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Boat Surveyors Annapolis – Be Careful When Buying a Used Boat

Boats are not cheap. That is why most first-time buyers and people on a tight budget turn to pre-owned boats. Used boats cost far less than brand new boats and they don’t experience as much depreciation as new boats. All the same, it is good to note that not every used boat out there is worth buying. Experienced boat surveyors Annapolis trusts will help you know if the boat you are targeting is worth investing in or not.

Being that this might be your first purchase, going for a used boat may make more sense both mentally and financially. This is because when you are new to boating, you are bound to make mistakes. The last thing you want is to scratch a brand new boat that you spend thousands of dollars on. Once you hone your boating skills, you can go ahead and upgrade to a better boat. All the same, let boat surveyors Annapolis trusts comb through your target used boat before paying for it. A boat surveyor will be able to identify the issues that your boat has as well as help you know if the boat is a good fit for your intended use. The surveyor will also help you know if the boat has been maintained and registered properly.

As you may already know, buying a used boat will save you several thousand dollars. The fact that modern boats are made of fiberglass and aluminum means they don’t rot as traditional wooden boats. This helps retain their value longer. When selling your used boat months or years later, you can expect to get an offer that is closer to what you bought the boat for.

However, it is good to dig deeper into the history of a boat so as to avoid making a bad investment. Here are some of the questions you should get answers to before purchasing a used boat.

  • How was the boat used? If it was a fishing boat, you should focus more on water damage.
  • How was the boat stored? Most boat owners don’t run their boats all year round. In the off-season, the boat is stored. Knowing how it was stored can give some insight into its condition and what to focus on during an inspection.
  • Has the boat ever had major repairs done? Most sellers will try to hide this information. An experienced boat surveyor will, however, be able to determine if any damage to the body f the boat was ever repaired.
  • What is the history of the boat? You need to know how the boat was used and make sure it is registered properly.

Before buying a used boat, it is always important to inspect it from top to bottom. Make sure that a sea trial is also done in order to get a better understanding of the boat’s condition.

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Marine Surveyors Annapolis – How to Find Your Dream Boat

You’ve made the exciting decision to become a boat owner, and now the fun part—picking the ideal boat for you and your family. There is an abundance of new and secondhand boats on the market, making your options seem endless. With so many boat types, brands, and models available, how can you decide which is best for you? Yes, the input of marine surveyors Annapolis will help understand the condition your target boat is in but the surveyor will not give advice on the boat that is right for you. The final choice is all yours. You also need to keep in mind that the best boat for family outings and fishing may not always make for the ideal weekend cruiser. So, which boat should you buy?

Be ready to compromise

It’s important to note that your boat-buying process will require some compromise. Even if you locate your ideal boat in the ideal spot, and at the ideal price, it’s likely that you’ll eventually have to accept a compromise. This is more so after the report by the marine surveyors Annapolis comes in. To avoid making bad choices, make a list of the things you won’t compromise on before you start. You must also try not to be too strict. If you make an unreasonable list of must-haves, you will expose yourself to frustration and disappointment.

Another thing to keep in mind is not to fixate too much on a specific model or design. Instead, concentrate your search on the boat’s setup and condition. As any boat owner knows, the purchase price is just the beginning, therefore, taking into account these elements can help you stay within your budget. You can come across a boat that is the precise model you are looking for but requires work, while the boat next to it is in better shape but belongs to a different class or model. To find the best boat to buy, you have to be flexible and keep an open mind.

Know what you need the boat for

The next step is to know how you plan on using the boat.

  • Will it be a cruise for families?
  • For a club race?
  • Do you need the boat for sailing and sporadic weekend trips?
  • Do need a vessel for sailing on blue waters?

When purchasing a boat, the secret is to not look too far into the future. It’s extremely likely that your desires will have altered by the time you look back on them in ten years. So, keep an eye on the present and the near future and buy items that suit your lifestyle.

Involving a marine surveyor in Annapolis throughout the purchase process will keep you from making expensive mistakes. Never buy a boat without getting a thorough boat inspection first.

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