Marine Engine Diagnostics

What is Marine Engine Diagnostics?

Analyzing the engine’s internal computer system is known as marine engine diagnostics. This is accomplished by coupling to the engine’s Electronic Control Module (ECM). The machines and software we employ have an adapter specific to the engine manufacturer. This helps provide useful details about the engines’ history. When buying a new boat, we are able to gain important knowledge about the vessel by connecting to the ECM. By performing engine diagnostic scans, the surveyor is able to confirm important details like the real engine hours, the RPM run history, so we know how the engines have been used throughout their life, and both the most recent and oldest engine problem codes.


To help our customers make the most informed decisions before purchasing the vessel, we perform engine diagnostics which offer helpful information about the engine’s past. Our cutting-edge software can record the engine performance during sea testing on inboard-powered boats. This makes it possible for our surveys to confirm the helm gauges’ correctness and obtain precise information about the engine’s performance during sea trials. In a marine survey, we offer engine diagnostics as an additional option on all gasoline inboard and the majority of outboard engines that have ECMs.

Outboard Engine Diagnostics

Sun Coast Marine Surveying now offers engine diagnostics scans on all outboard and jet ski engines. The diagnostics software connects into the engines electronic control module and eneables our surveyors to veryify engine hours, R

Sun Coast Marine Surveying offers engine diagnostic checks for all outboard and jet ski engines. The engine’s electronic control module is connected to our diagnostics software using an adapter that is specific to your engine. This enables our surveyors to verify engine hours, RPM run history, fault codes, and occasionally servicing history. This useful information will help you make an educated choice when buying a jet ski or boat with outboard motors. This service is optional and only provided in conjunction with a marine survey of a vessel.

PM run history, fault codes and in some cases service history. This valuable information assists the buyer in making an informed decision when purchasing a vessel with outboards or a jet ski. This is an optional service offered only in conjunction with a marine survey on a vessel.

Below are Screenshots of an Outboard Engine Diagnostics


Diacom supports MerCruiser, Mercury Outboards, Volvo Penta, lndmar, Pleasurecraft Marine, Crusader, Ilmor, Marine Power, Kodiak, Flagship Marine, GM RamJet Engines and more…


With the Diacom PC-based diagnostic system, you will have the strength and adaptability to troubleshoot any sophisticated marine EFI systems today. In the industry, Diacom Marine supports the widest variety of engines and offers the best coverage in a single diagnostic instrument. In addition, it harnesses the power of your Windows-based computer to quickly and correctly identify issues with the EFI system.

  • Productivity equals profitability.
    Use the computing strength of your standard notebook PC to accurately diagnose your EFI faults within no time.
  • Remain compatible and competitive.
    You can easily get CD-based service information, exchange any engine data online, free yourself from the dedicated diagnostic tools, and leverage the latest notebook PC technology.
PC Diagnostic Power

Diacom Marine is a robust Windows-based diagnostic tool that is redefining marine engine services. You need a servicing tool that can identify issues quickly and precisely because nearly all gasoline inboard, sterndrive, and outboard motors now come standard with complex engine control systems. Diacom gives your laptop or netbook PC access to its full potential. The tool offers cutting-edge features that trample all other diagnostic tools on the market.

You Speak, We Listen

We believe no one knows how to complete your tasks better than you. That is why Diacom Marine was created from scratch with your opinions and suggestions in mind. For more than ten years, we have accumulated a huge wealth of information from the marine service professionals and businesses we support. This gave our engineers a long list of features to take into account. As a result, we have made it possible for you to do all your work faster because Diacom has improved to be more user-friendly, organized, and discoverable. This has been made possible by your feedback.

Internet Connectivity

There is a very good chance that the Internet has already altered how you communicate with your clients and suppliers. It is now time to let it alter how you troubleshoot. Diacom was created to be “conscious” of the Internet and has capabilities that simplify data transmission with third parties. Diacom can also convert engine data into formats that Microsoft Excel, Access, and other well-known PC programs can read.

Big Screen, Huge Benefit

Never before have laptop screens been so large and dazzling. Diacom displays the “Big Picture” of what’s happening by making the most of your PC’s large display. Now you can spend more time understanding your EFI values and less time clicking scanner keys and reading through lists of parameters. You can easily alter the data display on Diacom so that you see each EFI system type in the way that most appeals to you. You can see why more marine technicians than ever before are selecting Diacom when you consider features like side-by-side twin engine displays, instant pop-up graphs, expanded parameter windows, extensive data recording capabilities, and report printing.

The Electronic Information Age

After all those years of sifting through mountains of service manuals and technical bulletins, it’s finally over. Most manufacturers now offer engine service information on CDs and the ability to easily search through and update the engine servicing information. Diacom will display this information quickly and accurately when you need it most, since it is built to be retrieved seamlessly. In addition, you can access any service information feature by clicking on any trouble code on the Diacom display screen1.

Tests Made to Order

Unfortunately, due to the ever-growing variety of EFI systems used in the marine sector, tests made for one type of engine management system are unlikely to be applicable to other systems. The flexible “Tests” screen from Diacom is made to automatically set itself up for the EFI system that is being investigated. This feature streamlines your work by showing and delivering the specific set of tests that are relevant to the specific system you are investigating using Windows ActiveX programming technology.

Special Functions

As a factory-authorized dealership, you do understand the benefit of having the most recent service technology at your disposal. We have integrated specialist EFI system functions into Diacom Marine by collaborating closely with marine engine manufacturers. Factory-authorized service centers may perform system upgrades and memory updates electronically in minutes using a single integrated diagnostic program. ECM exchanges can now be reduced and, in many situations, eliminated entirely.

For More Information

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Diacom Kit Configurations

94010 – Diacom Marine: includes Diacom
CD, USB cable, #94005 MEFI and
#94006 PCM-555 adapters.

94030 – Diacom Marine + CAN: includes
Diacom CD, USB cable, #94005 MEFI
and #94006 PCM-555 and 94029 CAN
network adapters.

System requirements

To use Diacom, you need:

  • Notebook or Netbook PC with 1 Ghz or higher processor.
  • Microsoft Windows 7, Windows Windows Vista, Windows XP (both 32bit and 64bit versions of Win 7 / Vista are supported)
  • 512 MB of RAM minimum
  • 150 MB or greater of available hard disk space.
  • CD-ROM drive
  • USB port.
  • SVGA (800 x 600) or higher resolution display screen.
  • Mouse, touchpad, or compatible pointing device.

Additional items or services required to use certain features:

  • Internet connection for email and web related features.
  • Appropriate document viewing utilities such as Adobe Acrobat and Microsoft Internet Explorer to view electronic service information.
  • Diacom special functions require usage authorization and data files supplied by engine manufacturers.

1. Engine service manuals in electronic format must be obtained from the engine and /or vehicle manufacturers.

2. Usage restrictions apply based upon dealer type and status. Diacom special functions vary with EFI system type and engine manufacturer.


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