What is the Purpose of a Marine Surveyor in Annapolis?

Have you used a marine surveyor before? If you haven’t, you may be asking yourself this question, what is the purpose of a marine surveyor in Annapolis? To get a better understanding of the role played by a surveyor, it is imperative that you understand what makes getting a marine survey important. In this post, we shall be taking a look at the key reasons why you should get a marine survey.

To stay alive physically and financially

This is the best answer to the question of what is the purpose of a marine surveyor in Annapolis. More often than not, people assume that the vessel they are about to buy is as good as advertised. What they fail to understand is that in most cases, sellers do some cosmetic work to cover up the flaws that their boat has before selling. Without expert help, you might end up spending money on a vessel that cannot be salvaged. The best way to avoid this issue is to enlist the help of a marine surveyor.

Even when considering a boat that is in mint condition, it is good to note that the open water can be treacherous. Depending on where the boat was being used, even a single sail can cause significant damage to a boat. That is why you need the input of a marine surveyor to perform a thorough assessment of the vessel. Keep in mind that the open water is not a place you want to go to with a deficient boat.

Hiring a marine surveyor is paying for peace of mind. This is because the marine survey will give you a clear idea of the exact condition of the boat. It will also help you learn what will be needed to properly maintain the vessel and make it safe. The findings of a marine surveyor can help you know if buying the vessel will be a good investment or a waste of time and money.  

For insurance

Even when you have owned the boat for years and given it the best care, there are situations that will mandate that you get a marine survey. The most common situation is when you need boat insurance. It is unlikely that an insurer will agree to insure your boat without a boat insurance survey. The case is the same when you need to use the boat as collateral when getting financing. A lender will require a survey to be done to determine the condition and value of the vessel. This information will help the lender know how much money to lend you.

What is the Purpose of a Marine Surveyor