What is Included in the SAMS Survey?

Do you need an accredited marine surveyor in Annapolis? If you do, one of the best surveyors to work with is the SAMS surveyors. SAMS (Society of Accredited Marine Surveyors) is an organization that has about 1,000 surveyors throughout the world. The organization is considered to be one of the most prestigious accreditation bodies because of its strict rules when accrediting surveyors. A surveyor is required to have at least 5 years of experience acquired in a span of 10 years and must pass an accreditation exam as well as participate in continuous learning programs. SAMS further offers annual education conferences for the members where they discuss damage avoidance, recommended practices, advanced inspection techniques, legal liabilities, and other areas. All this makes a SAMS survey one of the best surveys you can get.

Prior to getting the SAMS survey, it is good to note persons who fail to meet the prerequisites can also be SAMS members. For practicing marine surveyors who fail to meet all the requirements, they become a member as SAMS surveyor associates. There is also the provision of SAMS affiliate members. This is offered to members that run a business that offers products or services that relate to the marine industry. Practicing boat surveyors cannot be affiliate members.

Now that you understand who is a SAMS surveyor, let’s focus on what is contained in the SAMS surveys. Once a marine surveyor is done with a boat inspection, you will be provided with a written report. The details contained in the report will depend on the type of survey that was being done. The main types of surveys are:

  • Condition & valuation survey
  • Limited condition & valuation survey
  • Appraisal
  • Damage inspection
  • Sea trial

Here are some of the details that are contained in a full survey report:

  • Name of the boat, its hull identification number, and state or federal government-issued registration numbers.
  • Name of the current boat owners and buyers
  • The published dimensions of the boat as well as a description of the boat’s construction.
  • The installed equipment on the vessel
  • Condition of the equipment and systems on the boat
  • Any recommended repairs or improvements
  • Photographs of the boat from multiple angles
  • Photographs of the hull ID number as well as the registration form
  • Photographs of notable repairs or improvements
  • The fair market value of the boat

While SAMS-accredited marine surveyors in Annapolis offer the same services as other surveyors, you are guaranteed perfection and comprehensiveness when working with SAMS surveyors. Always confirm the accreditation details of a surveyor before hiring.

SAMS Survey