How Much Does It Cost to Put a Boat in Survey in Annapolis?

The first question people ask when a marine survey is recommended is who pays for the service. The answer is the person who hires the surveyor. This could be the boat owner or a boat buyer. The second question is how much does it cost to put a boat in survey. Unlike the first question which has a more direct answer, this second question doesn’t have a definitive answer. This is for the simple fact that there are many factors that come into play. The purpose of this post is to answer this question. Let’s get started.

When requesting an Annapolis marine survey, it is good to start by understanding that marine surveyors are not all the same. It is your job to find a marine surveyor that is not only experienced and has a good reputation but one that is able to offer the type of survey that you need. Keep in mind that the more experienced, reputable and thorough a surveyor is the more money he will likely charge for his service. The cost of a marine survey will, thus, depend on the surveyor you work with. Always take the time to review their rates and try and negotiate a better rate.

The second thing that determines the cost of a marine survey is the type of survey that you need. The more comprehensive a survey is, the more time it will take to complete and thus the more money you will pay for the service. A marine surveyor offering a pre-purchase condition survey will mostly charge you more because of the load of work that is involved. In a pre-purchase survey, the surveyor will have to inspect every inch of the boat, test all the systems and make sure the engine is in good condition. This type of survey often requires a sea trial and a haul out. Needless to say, these extras cost more.

Other factors that determine price include:

  • The size of your boat
  • Age of the boat
  • Model of the boat
  • Type of the vessel
  • Location of the boat

As you can see, there are so many things that have to be considered when answering the question of how much does it cost to put a boat in survey. Here are the current average costs of boat surveys:

  • Pre-purchase survey: $28 to $35 per foot
  • Insurance: $24 to $28 per foot
  • Marine appraisal: Base price of $300 plus an agreed hourly rate
  • Expert witness fees: Half day at $600 and a full day at $1,200
  • Corrosion testing: Base price $250 plus an hourly rate
  • Consulting: Minimum of 1 hour at $150 after that a billing done at an increment of ¼ hour.
  • Haul out: $10 to $15 per foot

Hiring the right marine surveyor in Annapolis is the most important thing when you need a marine survey. Don’t hire a surveyor based on their fees alone. Hire them for their experience, reputation and skill level.

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