Annapolis Marine Survey – Water Intrusion on a Used Boat

When buying a used boat, it is always highly recommended to get a professional Annapolis marine survey. The reason for this is that when it comes to pre-owned boats, nothing is as it seems. Sellers tend to mask boat problems in order to make a quick buck. If you don’t want to be a victim, you must consider enlisting the support of a marine surveyor in Annapolis.

The question that begs to answer is this: is a marine survey worth it? The answer is definitely a resounding yes. This is more so when you consider the issue of water intrusion. Water intrusion into the deck, hull, or stringers can be disastrous. The sight of this issue is usually a telltale sign of mandatory repairs. But how would you know if the boat you are after has water intrusion? The answer is to get a marine survey from an experienced surveyor.

Moisture intrusion mostly lies in the wood and the coring materials. Marine-grade plywood, balsa wood, and foam can all absorb water. With time, the absorption will start to spread by wicking and capillary action. If the issue is not resolved as soon as possible, catastrophe will follow. The absorbed water will add weight to your structure as well as weaken it. This can eventually lead to the complete failure of important fittings such as stanchions and cleats.

When you contact a marine surveyor, he will perform a visual inspection of the water damage. If he suspects there are more issues, the surveyor will make use of a moisture meter to help detect where water intrusion has taken place.

There are many types of moisture meters. One version uses a probe that is inserted into the wood. The probe passes an electrical current to measure resistance. This helps detect if there is water present. Another popular option is the one that uses electromagnetic fields in the surrounding structures to measure frequency difference. The frequency differences help determine if there is water content. This type of moisture meter is not inserted into the structure being tested.

Each type of moisture meter has pros and cons. As a result, it is not uncommon to find a marine surveyor in Annapolis that combines more than one type of moisture meter during an inspection. Moisture meters are mainly used to detect water intrusion around the deck hardware.

Without a moisture meter, it is hard to detect the presence of water intrusion. This is why the answer is yes to the question of is a marine survey worth it. Refrain from doing inspections on your own. This is because you lack the training, experience, and equipment needed to perform a thorough marine survey.

Is a Marine Survey Worth It